Having a bad day? Or night? Do not worry, we already have a Tow Truck in Surrey, BC on standby locally.

Trouble on the street never happens at a convenient time. That is why we will always have a Surrey Towing Service motorist minutes off. 24 hours per day. 7 days per week. 365 days per year. We work with AAA to guarantee excellent roadside assistance and set your mind at ease. So in the event you will need a Tow Truck in Surrey, BC give us a call.

Life can be a drag sometimes. Especially when your vehicle has to be hauled into a repair shop. Luckily there is an easy, reliable, and friendly solution to have a Tow Truck in Surrey, BC. If you live near Surrey or Delta, you have got the best towing hook up in Surrey. Why wait on the side of the street when you could be relaxing in your home. Let’s do the dirty work dirt cheap. That is our job.

Whatever your day yells, Surrey Towing Service has got your back, well car…but you get the idea. Whether you’ve got a flat tire, become a mess (knock on wood), or you simply got a crap car for your sixteenth birthday you are in good hands.

Our towing professionals specialize in an assortment of roadside assistance services. We pride ourselves in best in class mild, moderate, and heavy duty towing, emergency restoration and heavy equipment retrieval. Our drivers know their way around, a lot of them happen to be driving a Tow Truck in Surrey, BC for decades.

But wait, What if it is not an emergency? What if you only need something towed or hauled? You are in luck again. Surrey Towing Service also proudly offers gear hauling, trailer stacking & loading changes. We even do long distance towing.

Whether it’s only a dreadful day or you want some additional horsepower, Surrey Towing Company is ideal for you.

So how do we stack up?

You might have heard of our competing Surrey towing firms Busters towing or Pauls Towing. Well now you have heard of us. Surrey Towing Service is the fastest responding, most dependable, and the very professional towing business in Surrey BC. Oh, and we like to have fun also. If you will need a Tow Truck in Surrey, BC give us a call.

Tired of tow truck tude’? We’re too. That is why all of our drivers will have a grin on their face when they pick you up, and a grin in their face when they load your car. That exact same smile will not go away until your car is safely delivered to where you want it to go. As much as it pains us to find a car or truck break down, it is how we make our living. A stressful day for you is just another day at work for us. Let’s minimize your stress and maximize your convenience.

Why do we care so much?

We love our small city of Surrey, but there are not as many people here as there are in some bigger cities. We like it like that. That is why at Surrey Towing Service, we live to be certain that your initial DTS tow will convince you to be a client for life. So get driving and do not worry. If anything ever happens on the street we are always here. Rain, sleet, snow or sun. We are always ready to take your call.

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